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The Cassidy Forward Foundation Inc.'s mission is to acknowledge and explore issues concerning mental health and substance use disorders in minority communities and destigmatize mental illness while enhancing public awareness of mental illness among affected minority groups across the U.S.. Studies suggest that racial minority groups and sexual minority groups show higher anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health disorders. Unfortunately, in most cases, society's deep-rooted prejudice towards such stigmatized minority groups is a significant cause of feelings of rejection, estrangement, and harassment. Moreover, immigration status, economic conditions, education levels, and access to public health benefits are just a few differences that can adversely impact the experiences of various ethnic groups in the U.S.



The Cassidy Forward Foundation Inc. concentrates on the impact of chronic exposure to racial and developmental trauma on Black & Latino Americans and shares how intergenerational trauma has affected families and communities of color. Our foundation highlights creative pathways to consider while promoting healing for women and men, no matter race or sexual orientation, who have experienced racial and developmental trauma.


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Beverly Iraheta is the Owner of Bevie Stitch LLC, where she offers Personal assistant services and is responsible for coordinating Nonprofit events for the Latino and LGBTQ communities. As the event coordinator and host of many events around Atlanta, Beverly is best known for her ability to bring diverse crowds to a safe place. Where they can network and enjoy the company of each other. The main focus of all events is the safety of her community. The LGBTQ+ community is still fighting for equal rights. The Latino community is cautious about their legal status or lack of knowledge of this country. Beverly needs to have a judgment and harassment-free environment for everyone to come together and receive the understanding they deserve. The community highly anticipates these events. You can always count on unforgettable performances, fun activities, local business vendors, the promotion of safe sex, immigration information, and community relief assistance.


The daughter of immigrant parents, Beverly Iraheta, grew up in poverty collecting cans to help her parents redeem them for money. She got her first doll at eight years old, whom she named Eva. This doll was so special to her because she was used to going dumpster diving to look for clothes or toys. Beverly remembers that at the age of 7, her Dad had a bad accident at work where a rope got wrapped around his left arm and hand, severely burning him. Instead of her father receiving medical help, he dealt with the chronic pain and continued working. The business owner told her father he had no rights and would get fired if he didn't come to work. Her mother worked in a factory, making .50 cents the hour. Times were hard, and Beverly's only hope was to grow up and help people in her same situation one day. After making the right connections, Beverly has officially joined The Cassidy Forward Foundation. She arranges events to help families and young individuals who feel defeated. Beverly knows of the suffering from these circumstances are among immigrant families and people in the LGBTQ+ community. As the needs of her community are ignored, she needs to bring awareness to these communities. Give them the support they deserve and along the way, bless them with free clothes, toys, shoes, and information to keep moving forward.

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